Reflecting diversity in Open Education Resources (OER)

At the ETO, we seem to take on projects that might be a bit outside of what we "have" to do at work and a bit more on the "want" to do at work side of things. For example, Anna leads a reading club, Inga initiated MADE for UofT, and I like to publish a monthly EdTech Tip Sheet.


New Module Series: Start Strong

Join us this summer the EdTech Office releases a series of self-directed modules, short demos, and hands-on workshops, designed to get you ready to teach your Fall 2021 courses. How much time you commit depends on what works for you! You're in charge of how this program works for you. The ETO's Senior Instructional Technologist, Anna Limanni, has designed a thoughtful and flexible resource to help you design a partially or completely online/remote course.


Virtual Lab options: Do it yourself to off the shelf

This webinar discusses the following:

  • Building awareness of virtual lab alternatives
  • Activity options for engaging students, with a focus on aligning learning outcomes with assessments and assignments
  • Demonstration of solutions, including implementation of interactive labs through Quercus, H5P (HTML5 Package), and Pressbooks
  • Other support resources

What is H5P?

Sustainable Cities: Adding an Africa Perspective is a course that introduces students to the theories and strategies to reimagine cities from an urban sustainability perspective.

Project Lead(s): Dr. Nadine Ibrahim