We'd like to introduce you to the session leaders participating in the EdTech Workshop 2021. 


Have a few minutes? Check our these videos with our speakers to learn a bit more about them, their session, and their go-to COVID hobby! Watch all the videos on the ETO Youtube playlist (also below) or skip to a specific video featuring: Dr. Jennifer Harris | Prof. Chirag Variawa | Prof. Lisa Romkey | Prof. Philip Asare | Prof. Sanjeev Chandra

EdTech 2021 Session Leaders
Name Session Title Biography
Dr. Daphne Tan | Assistant Professor of Music Theory Hitting repeat: Lessons learned from teaching music theory online

My research addresses questions about music and the mind, with methodologies and perspectives from the history of music theory and music cognition.

Dr. Jennifer Harris | Associate Professor, Undergraduate Teaching Liaison Can ungrading be a mainstay in assessment?

Trained as a medievalist, engaged in the study of religion. I serve in my department at the online and undergraduate teaching liaison, assisting my colleagues in developing effective pedagogy. I am particularly interested in ways of rethinking traditional pedagogy, e.g., ungrading.

Dr. Kimia Moozeh | Postdoctoral Fellow, ISTEP Virtual Labs: From Research to Reality

My research interests include laboratory-based learning and online learning. My PhD thesis included development and evaluation of an instructional structure to enhance learning in undergraduate laboratories.

Dr. Olivier St-Cyr | Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream From online teaching back to a TEAL classroom

Olivier St-Cyr is an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream in the Faculty of Information (iSchool) at the University of Toronto and a Cross-Appointed Professor in the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto.

Miss Crystal Liu | MASc Candidate Onscreen vs In-hand: Delivering a Hands-on Design Course During the Pandemic

Loves designing and making things.

Mr. Kia Shakiba | PhD student, CEO (Examify Inc) Better than paper exams

I'm a PhD research student focused in cloud cache optimization who has a passion for teaching. In 2019, I started the EdTech company Examify here at UofT which works to improve the online examination experience in STEM for both the students and teaching staff.

Prof. Alana Boland | Associate Professor , Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning Learning together: What my online synchronous course has taught me about the classroom

I teach and research in the broad field of environmental geography. I am also the Associate Dean, Teaching and Learning in the Faculty of Arts & Science - a role that has introduced me to the wonderful work of colleagues across the faculty.

Prof. Bill Ju | Associate Professor, Teaching Stream The 5 steps that allowed me to plan ahead to reduce, recycle but not necessarily re-use assessments in a course during and post-pandemic

As a member of the teaching stream I have been interested in how to teach in smart classrooms that support active learning. Here is my story...

Prof. Chirag Variawa | Director, First-year Curriculum 0 to 100: Coordinating and teaching a large introductory First-year Engineering course at UofT (from your living room)

Prof. Chirag Variawa is the Director, First Year Curriculum, and Assistant Professor, Teaching-stream, at the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, University of Toronto. He received his Ph.D. from the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, and his B.A.Sc.

Prof. Michael Stumm | Professor Asynchronous video lectures as real as they get

Teacher. Researcher. Entrepreneur. Business executive.

Prof. Robert Irish | Associate Professor, Teaching Stream Learning Through Podcasts

Teaching: Robert Irish coordinates communication in Engineering Science, where he helps students develop skills in logical, reasoned argument using strong supporting evidence. He also has an interest in helping students develop awareness of ethical decision-making.

Prof. Sanjeev Chandra | Professor One Year of Teaching Online: Lessons Learned

Research Interests: Heat transfer; fluid mechanics; thermal spray coating; spray painting; heat exchangers; heat pipes; impact of liquid drops; ink jet printing; waste heat recovery, electronic cooling.