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9:30 am  PRE-WORKSHOP SESSION  Gather.town Play and Testing
10:00 am Welcome + Opening Remarks |  Prof. Tom Coyle, Vice Dean, Undergraduate, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
10:15 am

Keep, Toss, or Re-purpose? What are the post-COVID trends that will shape higher education?Susan McCahanVice Provost, Innovations in Undergraduate Education & Academic Programs

11:15 am Break
11:30 am  

Onscreen vs In-hand: Delivering a Hands-on Design Course During the Pandemic | Crystal Liu


From online teaching back to a TEAL classroom | Prof. Olivier St-Cyr

Learning together: What my online synchronous course has taught me about the classroom | Prof. Alana Boland


2:00 pm Lunch (Enjoy your lunch in Gather.town by the picnic tables or join ACT Director Avi Hyman by the sandbox to chat anything and everything related to Quercus and the Academic Toolbox!)
12:45 pm  

The 5 steps that allowed me to plan ahead to reduce, recycle but not necessarily re-use assessments in a course during and post-pandemic | Prof. Bill Ju


Adapting group projects and software development skills training to online teaching: CIV550 Case Example | Prof. Jennifer Drake


Pandemic or not, virtual has value | Prof. Philip Asare


1:15 pm Break
1:30 pm  

One Year of Teaching Online: Lessons Learned | Prof. Sanjeev Chandra

Hitting repeat: Lessons learned from teaching music theory online | Dr. Daphne Tan
Better than paper exams | Mr. Kia Shakiba
2:00 pm Break
2:15 pm   Can ungrading be a mainstay in assessment? | Dr. Jennifer Harris
Asynchronous video lectures as real as they get | Prof. Michael Stumm
Learning Through Podcasts | Prof. Lisa Romkey & Prof. Robert Irish
2:45 pm Break
3:00 pm   0 to 100: Coordinating and teaching a large introductory First-year Engineering course at UofT (from your living room) | Prof Chirag Variawa

Using Digital Whiteboards to Achieve Collaborative Learning Activities | Prof. Chris Bouwmeester

Virtual Labs: From Research to Reality | Dr. Kimia Moozeh

3:30 pm  CLOSING ACTIVITY  Virtual Toast in Gather.town | Dean Christopher Yip, Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering
4:00 pm Workshop Ends


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