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The workshop will take place in the Myhal Centre.

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    MY150 MY370 MY380
8:15 am Registration/Breakfast
Myhal Main Floor
9:00 am   Welcome + Opening Remarks: Tom Coyle, Vice Dean Undergraduate, FASE    
9:15 am


Transforming the Instructional Landscape Steven Bailey, ACE & Julia Smeed. Innovation Hub
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9:50 am Session Transition      
10:00 am  

 MY Manual - A user's guide to UofT's Jumbotron | Scott Ramsay & Shai Cohen                watch video button

 Rise of the Smart Classroom- is there a rise in the learning curve as well? | Bill Ju & Max Shcherbina                       watch video button

 Enhancing the Individual Learning Experience via Class-sourcing and Teamwork | Elham Marzi, Kimberley Lau, & Oluwatobi Edun                                         watch video button

10:45 am Session Transition      
10:55 am  

 Myhal 150 – The Good, the Bad and the Noisy | Jason Bazylak & Peter Weiss                     watch video button


 Small Teaching: Leveraging Technology for Inclusive Engagement in Courses | Elaine Khoo                                           watch video button

 Mapping the TEAL Teaching Experience: Presenting User Research Findings | Erin Hanlon & Nadine Adelaarwatch video button
11:35 am Session Transition      
11:45 am  

 iPads in MY150 | Sarah Mayes-Tang & Bernardo Galvao-Sousa        watch video button

 Quercus Road Map 2019-2020 | Avi Hyman                            watch video button  One Size Fits All?: Designing for and Adapting to New Spaces | Panel Discussion with Jennifer Farmer, Ken Tallman & Lydia Wilkinson          watch video button                          
12:25 pm Lunch in Myhal Lobby      
1:25 pm    Hands on Workshop 1: Responsiveness in the Classroom: “Backchanneling” and other methods of incorporating real-time student feedback into your teaching | Cori Hanson, Mindy Thuna, Deborah Tihanyi & Allison Van Beek
*Bring Lap Top
Hands on Workshop 2: Teaching with Snagit: Lecture Capture and Beyond | Anna Limani & Melvin Chien
*Bring Lap Top
 Hands on Workshop 3: From Flat to Fab: Creating Interactive Textbooks with Pressbooks | Lillian Hogendoorn & Emily Carlisle
*Bring Lap Top
2:25 pm Session Transition      
2:35 pm    What's the big TEAL?! Mark Pellegrino & Kenneth Fournier 

 Our experience teaching ESC103F in the Myhal TEAL rooms: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly (not really)! Will CluettNiema Binth Mohammad, & Valentin Peretroukhin                      watch video button

 Adventures in Scorm Files | Graeme NorvalJeffrey Castrucci & Parnian Jadidian                                                    watch video button
3:15 pm Session Transition      
3:25 pm    CLOSING KEYNOTE   
Design with Purpose: Pedgagogical Underpinnings that Strengthen New Spaces
Susan McCahan, Vice Provost, Innovations in Undergraduate Education & Carol Rolheiser, Director, CTSI          watch video button
3:55 pm   Closing Remarks: Tom Coyle, Vice Dean Undergraduate, FASE    
4:05 pm Workshop Ends      


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