This toolkit provides open access to template documents (as well as examples of those documents in use) to help provide some structure to your module design project. They are recommended, but not required, and the EdTech Office is always happy to consult (book a consultation) on their most effective and efficient use.

These resources help to scope your module project, while ensuring that the major milestones of your project are transparent to all members of the team.
These resources help to organize the content and media development process by making the process transparent and facilitating communication between team members.
These resources are intended to help you self-evaluate your module project via a checklist of recommended project elements and considerations.

Completed OER Projects

Interested in seeing open education resource (OER) projects? View some of our examples (and perhaps even use them in your courses!).

View all OER Projects

Screencapture (Recording) Guides

Are you self-capturing content (perhaps from your office, home, or other location)? Check out the Screen Captures guides for suggestions before you begin, hardware and software recommendations, and technical instructions or review the ETO's full guide to self-recording content.

Video Production Guides

Video is a common component in online modules and there are many different types of video that might work for your project. For an overview of different types, view the video overview matrix. Our newest format is a lightboard video, which works especially well for solutions and diagrams.

Module e-Authoring Guides

eAuthoring refers to the application used to build the module instrastructure. We typically use Articulate - either Storyline or Rise. You can learn about the different types of Storyline Assessments or Rise Interaction Types.

Personalized Development Support

We're here to help! We can provide consultation, advice, and even help with production. We try to keep you doing what only an instructor can do by supporting what can be divvied out to a development team. Contact us via email or book a consultation.