EdTech Workshop 2019 - Beyond Hammers: Building a Technology Enhanced Active Learning (TEAL) Toolkit

The EdTech Workshop took place on May 10, 2019. If you missed it, please use the Program to review recorded sessions. You can also see some comments and photos of the day on our Twitter feed: 

The EdTech Workshop is a free event for faculty and staff at the University of Toronto. We invite you to join us for an informal but informational day, as you speak to your peers about their experiences. 

This year's EdTech Workshop has three sub-themes, all related to aspects of planning your active learning teaching strategy. They are:

  1. Content Management - How do you build in active learning activities into an already packed curriculum?
  2. Teaching Team Management - How do you support your fellow instructors, TAs, and other members of your in small, medium, or large sized active learning classrooms?
  3. Activity Management - What kinds of activities can you implement and how do you select which one is right for the job?

Each stream has a combination of practical and theory-based sessions and you are welcome to switch between the streams based on your interests.

What is the EdTech Workshop?

The University of Toronto is at the forefront of new technologies designed to enhance students’ learning inside and outside the lecture hall. Each year, the EdTech Workshop picks a theme and plans a program that showcases best practices for innovating teaching and learning, presented by some of the University’s leaders in educational technology.

Who founded the Workshop?

The workshop was developed in 2011 by Harpreet Dhariwal - now, 2011 doesn't seem that long ago, but in technology terms, it was. He saw the future of EdTech and was one of the first on campus to really promote and encourage instructors to think big about EdTech. After Harpreet's passing, we do our best to continue this Day in the tone of his spirit and enthusiasm.