What is the TEAL Community of Practice?

The technology enhanced active learning (TEAL) community of practice (COP) is a self-driven community that supports you through a process of integrated course design (or redesign), focusing on implementing active learning (technology enhanced or not) within your courses.

Join the TEAL CoP

Each week, we host an informal webinar where you can share your experiences and get feedback from other instructors about active learning. Sessions range from completely open-ended to more structured, including topics like course design frameworks, activity selection, and self-reflection activities.
Instructors make many spatial, technological and social choices when designing for an active learning classroom. In-person observation can help to contribute to the success of particular learning activities and to take advantage of the unique opportunities that these new environments afford. We currently use the ALCOT as the basis of this observation process.
Each year, mentors and mentees are matched based on interests, experience, and course type. These mentorships are informal and mentee-driven. Our hope is that this mentorship will help you both with the (re)development and implementation of your projects. The time commitment usually involves meeting a few times a year.

Interested in exploring the resources available to community members?

View some of our examples and request access to join the Quercus course or to recieve a copy of the guidebook (including examples of active learning activities for use in courses).

TEAL Blog Posts

We've posted several blog posts that summarize workshops, resources, and other TEAL COP activities. You can review these as needed - key articles include a MY150 Manual, instructor and TA experiences (Part 1 and Part 2), and a video of the presentation by Prof. Sehoya Cotner.

Mentorship Resources

Wondering how to get the most of your mentorship relationship? We've put together some suggestions on how to maximize your roles as either a mentor or mentee

Backchanneling Resources

Backchanneling is a general term that encompasses how learners communicate with the teaching team (usually during a class). Techniques and tools can provide an effective way to open dialogue, even in large lectures. View the Backchanneling resources for more information.

Personalized Support

We're here to help! We can provide consultation and advice relating to any aspect of your project. You might also be looking for general tech support, including how to report issues with wireless or how to request HDMI cables.