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You better not be acting like you're in a Wes Anderson film at the EdTech Workshop...

If you're unfamiliar with the social media trend, have a look at the Wes Anderson Trend compilation video.

We sure are! For this year's recap video of the EdTech Workshop, we wanted to try something a little different from previous years (you can watch the 2021 and 2019 videos, too!).  The backstory - in April, content creator Ava Williams started a new trend on social media when she posted a quick travel video produced in the style of Wes Anderson.  Anderson is the director of such films as Life Aquatic and The Grand Budapest Hotel and his work is distinct in its look, feel, and sound. 

Instead of producing a video that was a sequence of b-roll shots, we decided to be more intentional in our approach (see Making the EdTech Recap Video: An Intentional and Collaborative Approach for a deep dive) and jump on the Wes Anderson train (which probably looks like the one from his other film The Darjeeling Limited). This video was made possible by our creative and collaborative production team, all of our willing on-screen participants (listed in the video caption below) and Marisa's editing magic. 

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When did the 2023 Workshop take place?

The EdTech Workshop 2023: CTRL+Shift occurred on May 17, 2023 in the Myhal Building.

What's the story behind this year's theme?
Hosted by the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, the EdTech Workshop 2023: CTRL +shift is a one-day, in person event featuring informal sessions (demonstrations, case studies, panels, etc.) led by instructors and staff from across the three U of T campuses.  This year's theme, CTRL +Shift, is a play on using the modifier keys on a standard keyboard (sorry Mac users, these are Windows shortcuts). For example, if you used CTRL +Shift + v, then you can paste without any formatting, keeping only the text (removing the extraneous and keeping what you need). If you used Ctrl + Shift + N, you could create a new folder to store files (a digital place for new ideas). The EdTech Workshop 2023 provides a space and place to discuss identifying your own essentials, how/if your values have "shifted" (the theme has metaphorical and literal aspects), and how to achieve them effectively and efficiently.
Who is this event for? If you are a member of U of T's teaching and learning community, or would like to learn more about education technology use, this one day workshop is for you!
Have a few questions? See if someone else also had that question by reviewing our EdTech Workshop 2023 Frequently Asked Questions blog post. It covers why we're not offering a hybrid event, when video recordings will be available, and how to volunteer. And more, of course!
What else is happening at the Workshop?

Find out if you're digital or analogue


Attend a hands on session


Drop in on the Tech2U Open House


Workshop Details

When: May 17, 2023
Registration: 9:00 am
Opening Remarks: 9:30 am
Ends: 4:15 pm
Cost: Free!
Registration Location: Myhal Centre Lobby

Registration Closed Meet the Session Leads See the schedule Review the Sessions

Can't make it?

If you find yourself unable to attend this event (after registering), please send us a cancellation via this webform.
Registration Cancellation

What is the EdTech Workshop?

The University of Toronto is at the forefront of new technologies designed to enhance students’ learning inside and outside the lecture hall (wait, do we even say lecture hall anymore?). Every two years, the EdTech Workshop picks a theme and plans a program that showcases best practices for transforming teaching and learning, presented by some of the University’s leading instructors. The event is free and is open to the entire UofT community. 

Who founded the workshop?

The workshop was developed in 2011 by Harpreet Dhariwal - now, 2011 doesn't seem that long ago, but in technology terms, it was. He saw the future of EdTech and was one of the first on campus to really promote and encourage instructors to think big about EdTech. After Harpreet's passing, we do our best to continue this day in the tone of his spirit and enthusiasm.

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