Airmedia’s & Yamaha’s & Streamdecks, Oh My!

You're invited! Join the Tech2U Team at the upcoming Tech2U Open House! Don't miss this chance to discover the possibilities of what Tech2U can do for you!

Taking place concurrently with the EdTech Workshop 2023, you're welcome and encouraged to drop by the upcoming Tech2U Open House! The Open House showcases Tech2U's innovative technology available to classroom spaces. You will be able to see the equipment in use, visit interactive workstations and connect with Tech2U's technical experts to explore how Tech2U can empower you to enhance your classroom experience. It's also the perfect opportunity to connect with your colleagues, share insights, and build your classroom technology wish list.

When is the open house?

You can drop into MY360 any time after 11 am to chat with the Tech2U team.

Looking for a special itinerary to learn all about Tech2U at the EdTech Workshop 2023?

If you're interested in the Tech2U program, here's a suggested Tech2U/EdTech Workshop 2023 exploratory mini-itinerary:

  1. Attend Block 01 SessionCRTL +Shift + Accessibility: Leveraging Technology to create Accessible Learning Environments | Steven BaileyAnna MenezesMichael NicholsonSwati Naidu
  2. Attend Block 03 SessionOn-line learning from the classroom | Dr. Steve Treiber, James Nightingale, Marc Therrien & David Yan. Prof. Treiber also shared his experience working with the Tech2U team (read Prof. Treiber's Tech2U story).
  3. Drop in to the Tech2U Open house in MY360 (it runs from 11:40 am to 3:45 pm)

There wouldn't happen to be a prize associated with this Open House, is there?

There is! If you're a prize-motivated person (and who isn't? No judgement here...), note that by dropping into the Tech2U Open House, you'll be entered to win a Rode Wireless Microphone! (See the microphone in action in this video.)

The image above has a black background with neon lettering. The text encourages attendees to enter into activities to win prizes and it features the EdTech Workshop 2023's three prizes (with text and an image of the item(s)): a wireless USB microphone for your smart phone, a bluetooth cassette player, and a package of pencil crayons. It also features the special prize for dropping into the Tech2U's open house.

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