These videos were produced by the ETO as part of the promotional strategy leading up to the EdTech Workshop 2021. We interviewed Workshop speakers about their pandemic teaching, asking the same three questions: what will you be presenting at the 2021 workshop, what is one example of a new approach you tried in your virtual classroom, and what was a pandemic hobby that you picked up.

Project Collaborator(s): Prof. Lisa Romkey

EdTech Workshop 2021: Day of Cheat Sheet


Of course you've read the full and detailed EdTech Workshop 2021 Attendee Package, but...what if you just need a quick link or reference? This Cheat Sheet has you covered! 


Download your Virtual Background!

Which virtual background fits you best? You can go the route of theme - are you a recycler, a reuser, or a reducer? Or perhaps this is your very first EdTech Workshop (or your fifth!)? Let fellow attendees know a little bit more about you with a virtual background. While it's not one of our fancy (and dare I say institutionally-famous) nametags, it is something to mark the day! (Bit harder to hang up without a lanyard though...) Bnous points if you customize your own!


EdTech Workshop 2021: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The EdTech Workshop 2021 is a free event for faculty, staff and other members of the University of Toronto community. We invite you to join us for an informal but jam packed day of sharing ideas, learning from each other, and yes, doing a little commiseration after a pretty challenging year. While we wouldn't say this is an "unconference," we do focus on conversation, connections, and interaction and are working hard to take our in person event online in the same spirit!