Let us know how we're doing

Every year (or two) we like to check in on how we're doing. If you've ever thought to yourself, "I wish the ETO had a guide on..." or "I really need a session that breaks down..." this is your chance! We'll be considering each response carefully and based on previous surveys, I can almost guarantee that if you request something, we'll make it happen! Here's an example: Let's Chat about Chatting Session (Review)


Salutations, Maggie!

Maggie is starting a year-long secondment to the ETO team, taking on the role of Learning Module Designer. In this capacity, she will be contributing to ongoing projects focused on developing online courses and providing support for Quercus. Maggie is working on her Master’s in Education and hoping to apply her learning on Adult Education to the work.


Last call for Winter 2024 Lecture Capture Program!

Are you interested in recording your teaching activity for the Winter 2024 term? The FASE Lecture Capture Program is geared towards instructors who use non-digital teaching methods and/or who are not teaching in an LSM classroom space.  


Call for Fall 2023/Winter 2024 Lecture Capture Program!

Are you interested in recording your teaching activity for Fall 2023/Winter 2024? The FASE Lecture Capture Program is designed to support instructors teaching with non-digital methods (in or out of a LSM classroom space).


Welcome James!

The ETO is thrilled to introduce our newest team member: James Zhan! James is our new Education Media Specialist.


Last Call for Winter 2023 Lecture Capture Program!

Last Call!

This is your last chance to request to participate in the Winter 2023 Lecture Capture program. Please submit this webform to express interest in joining the program (closing Friday, December 09, 2022 at 5:00 pm). The ETO team will schedule for as many courses as possible, as determined by scheduling limitations.


Let's welcome the ETO's Work Study Students

Meet Karissa

Karissa is a second year Earth Science student pursuing both an English and Environmental Economics minor. In a perfect world where everything works out, she should finish a PHD in Earth Sciences and become a professor in the field.
Karissa is from the Greater Toronto Area (Markham specifically), and she enjoys skating, playing the piano, and spending time with her  family. A fun fact about Karissa is that she was proposed to by a friend in grade one, but replied with “Maybe when we’re older."

Greetings, Kris Calanza!

Kris is joining us at the ETO's Audio Visual Technician. You'll see him across campus doing lecture capture and supporting our media development projects. Let's learn a bit more about Kris!


Call for 2022/2023 Lecture Capture Program!

Every summer, the ETO calls for instructors interested in participating in the lecture capture program.