Decide on a Hands on Session

After lunch, we also have a block of hands on sessions. The sessions run a bit longer (45 versus 30 minutes) and will have an active component. The sessions below all run from 1:00 to 1:45 pm; pick one to attend!

Active Demonstration of Compare2Learn (C2L) to Promote Learner Engagement through Comparative Judgement

Join us for an interactive session in which session attendees may get an initial demo and use of the comparative judgement tool, Compare2Learn (C2L). The Application Development Team within Academic, Research & Collaborative (ARC) Technologies has developed C2L to engage learners through leveraging social constructivism using the "think, pair, share" method. This encourages learners to explain, critically analyze and question concepts from their peers.

Active Learning in U of T's Active Learning Classrooms: Exploring the ALC Hub

The Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation has been developing a set of online learning modules that are intended to provide pedagogical guidance and resources for instructors who are teaching in Active Learning Classrooms (ALCs) at U of T called the ALC Hub. In this session, participants will reflect on their current comfort level and experience with teaching in ALCs and have the opportunity to participate in an active learning activity that leverages the affordances available in the classroom. This will be followed by a demo of the ALC Hub modules with an opportunity for Q & A and discussion.

Build your first Power Automate Flow

Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Microsoft Flow) is a service that helps you create automated workflows for repetitive business processes. Without coding, you can use an existing template or customize your own triggers and actions to do things like send reminders of tasks, schedule data to move from one system to another, or automatically update a Sharepoint list with responses from a Microsoft Form. 
In the session, you will build a power automate flow!
We'll also discuss below topics:
  • What is Power Automate?
  • Building blocks of Power Automate
  • Access and self-support resources

Demo of the Stewart Blusson Visualization Facility

The Stewart Blusson Visualization Facility is a unique, cutting-edge, collaborative space that was designed to bring together the best and brightest across research, faculty, and industry to enable next-generation demonstration and development capabilities.

During this demonstration, you will come to understand the technology that drives this one-of-a-kind facility and how it has been used to improve learning outcomes. You will experience life from the microscopic through to the astronomical scales like never before!

Note that these sessions will not be recorded. You're also encouraged to bring a laptop or other device (this is not required but will help you get the most of the session).


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