Using Lighting to Transform a Room for Impactful Interviews

Learn about how the ETO transformed a regular student lounge for impactful interview videos via purposeful video lighting.


Project Showcase: Working Safely with Sharps

This project's unique blend of storytelling, instructional design, and multimedia production sets it apart from other ETO projects.


Implement an anonymous mid-term feedback survey

How to implement a mid-term survey (or other feedback mechanism) in your course.


Making the EdTech Recap Video: An Intentional and Collaborative Approach

Watch the Recap Video

"You better not be acting like you're in a Wes Anderson film at the EdTech Workshop." We sure did! Before reading the rest of this article, we recommend that you have watch the video that we're discussing. You can also watch the final recap video on the ETO YouTube Channel.


UDLHE Digicon 2022 Presentation: Implicit Design, Explicit Function

This blog post reviews the session: Implicit Design, Explicit Function: Educational Developers on UDL Implementation Strategy Continuum. It includes a brief summary of a novel UDL implementation approach and the 4 case studies used to illustrate this approach. The slide deck used for the session as well as a link to the session recording are included at the bottom of this post. 


Let's Chat about Chatting! (Session Review)

This blog reviews the session (the slide deck used for this session is included at the bottom of this post) and includes the rationale (why you might choose to translate the benefits of online chatting to your physical classoom), considerations for implementation (what do you need to think about before you do this?), its uses, examples of tools (we compare different vetted (and some un-vetted) tools you could implement in your course) and we end with some recommendations.


Tips to safely implement un-vetted tools in your course

Thinking about using a un-vetted, third-party tool in your course? Give this post a read to ensure you are implementing these tools according to U of T guidelines. 


Lessons learned from presenting at an online conference

ETO member, Inga, shares her experience of presenting at her first online U of T conference. She details how she prepared (Before the Event), what she did during the presentation (During the Event), and connected with participants post-session (After the Session).


Using a video template to make recording videos easier

Creating strong instructional video content is defintiely labour intensive but also can be very rewarding (learners report that they value the self-paced nature of video and appreicate being able to review as needed). Not only do instructors have to carefully consider their content in a new modality, they often have to expand their skillset to recording. This means new software, new hardware, and the demand for more time (when time is already in very short supply).


Supporting Accommodations for Students

Do you have students in your course that you're accomodating online until they can arrive on campus?