Implement an anonymous mid-term feedback survey

We were reminded by Breana Bayraktar, Tips for Teaching Professionals, that waiting until the end of the semester to solicit feedback is too late to implement changes in the current term. In her article, Strategies for mid-semester student feedback, she suggests some questions to ask students, depending on your what you're hoping to learn from your students.

These categories include better understanding your students (e.g., What technology issues or limitations are you facing?), gathering actionable feedback (e.g., would you prefer more individual or group work time in class?) and boosting confidence (e.g., do you believe you will be successful in this course?). 

How to implement a mid-term survey (or other feedback mechanism) in your course

  1. Start with the Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation's guide to gathering formative feedback with mic-course evaluations. It covers what to do, what not to do, and how to contextualize this evaluation (as compared to end-of-term evaluations) with your class. Particularly helpful is the Mid-Course Evaluations Goals worksheet.
  2. Consider an anonymous MS Forms survey. While Quercus does have a survey function, Quercus surveys can be de-anonymized by members of the teaching team after responses are collected. These instructions detail how to create a truly anonymous (but still authenticated, so discouraging misuse) form.


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