Creating video content with AI tools

Explore a new video AI tool and consider possible production implications in the future.


Stuff we learned at Collision

When Inga saw that Collision was offering discounted 2-for-1 tickets for Women in Tech, the ETO team jumped on the chance to attend a world-famous conference (you can read about the conferences we attended last year, too).


Designing and Building Digital Learning Experiences

At the ETO, we love a good project retrospective. We’re just finishing content development for an online course and are about to begin the process for a second course (with a few repeat subject matter experts (SMEs). The course is part of a new online graduate program and is being developed by 9 subject matter experts (1 lead instructor; 8 instructors). Each subject matter expert (SME) led the development of one or two modules.



We’ve spent some time thinking about who we are – as a team, working in the “post-pandemic” world, with a community of instructors who are at very different places for so many different reasons. Some are ready to add more digital experiences to their teaching, some want to take a step back. Some are raring to go, while others seek some space to recover before taking on new (or different) projects. Internally at the ETO, we also fall at different places on the spectrum, and are also taking the time to prioritize the work we can feasibly accomplish.


ETO Summer School

Summer is a time for reflection and learning at the ETO. Here is what our team is reading, taking on, and learning as we get ready to support you with your courses and projects in Fall 2022.


Do you use Overleaf? (Survey Results)

Summary of Survey Results

The goal of this survey was to explore whether a tool of this type would be useful to the Faculty. In total, 199 people responded to the survey.

You can see the resondents break down by role in this chart (or the text table below):


Stuff we learned from UofT Conferences

Key points we'll take with us

We each pulled out memorable moments from the conferences (some were so "lightbulb-y" that they led to their own extended blogs, coming in June!) to share. Below, expand the accordion items to see each ETO staff member's key takeaway.


EdTech Tips for Teaching Continuity

Tips on mitigating instructor (and teaching team) absence:

  1. Proactively provide access to your Quercus course: You can add a colleague (or anyone in the UofT community) to your Quercus course (temporarily). 

Recording your in-person teaching

You might be wondering how you can self-capture (record) your own teaching activities (perhaps relevant to accommodate students who miss a class). Proactively figuring out how - and practicing! - how you'll do this will serve both you and your students well in these times of uncertainty. While there are a lot of really great reasons why lecture (activity? it's more than just lecture capture, of course!) capture supports students, right now, it helps to reduce stress as we resume on-campus learning.


Designing visual elements that pop (and promote learning)!

Learn about how the ETO's Educational Grahpic and Media Developer can help elevate your content via our review and design process (and see an example with...eggs)!