Over the past few weeks, the ETO dropped in on Departmental meetings to share how our new (and still under development) value statement underpins the work we do at the Faculty. Our goal with this 5-minute presentation - ETO-on-the-Go! - was to spread the word about how we can support faculty as we return to on campus teaching and learning.

We’ve spent some time thinking about who we are – as a team, working in the “post-pandemic” world, with a community of instructors who are at very different places for so many different reasons. Some are ready to add more digital experiences to their teaching, some want to take a step back. Some are raring to go, while others seek some space to recover before taking on new (or different) projects. Internally at the ETO, we also fall at different places on the spectrum, and are also taking the time to prioritize the work we can feasibly accomplish. We wanted to share this reflection with the community that we work with, hoping that it sparks future interactions between the FASE community and the ETO. A secondary goal was to reach more instructors - many instructors at FASE have not used the ETO's services and we'd like to change that.

Review the Presentation

You can download the ETO-on-the-Go! presentation deck or use the preview tool at the bottom of this blog post to see the presentation within this blog post.

Our Value Statement

This is our new value statement:

We want to inspire, support, and empower FASE faculty in the thoughtful use of educational technologies.

We feel that this represents our priorities and will help us to define the scope of the work we do. Our portfolio has always been broad and evolving; it's a domain that is quickly advancing, not only in terms of tools available for use in teaching and learning, but also in what we understand about how peope learn using these technologies.

Our ETO Team

I keep saying “we”! Who do I mean by that? The Team! During the past few years, we’ve worked hard to expand the team to provide more varied support and to offer expanded services. We now have two portfolios within the ETO. First, we have the Academic Toolbox Team, led by Anna with support from Irina, who tackle anything and everything Academic Toolbox (re: Quercus) and instructional design. Second, we have the Content Production Team, led by Inga with support from Marisa, Cheryl, and Kris, who work on our media production projects, including lecture capture, module authoring, and online course building.

Our Services

Our services connect to the "support" part of the value statement. We've published our current services under the main menu item "Services" (above) and you can also view all services

Our Resources

Our resources connect to the "empower" part of the value statement. While we are happy to talk to you directly, we also try to publish what we've learned (and how to make it happen).

You might be interested in our:

Our Projects

Our projects connect to the "inspire" part of the value statement. We share (with the instructor's permission) our completed projects on the ETO project page. Every two years we also faciliate a cross-campus U of T EdTech Workshop, with a goal of showcasing your work as well as sharing what your colleagues are doing across the campuses (you can see the recordings from the EdTech Workshop 2021).

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