Howdy Cheryl!

Cheryl Heeyeon Lee joins the EdTech Office (ETO) as our new Educational Graphic and Media Developer, Content Production.

The ETO is really, really excited to announce our new role AND our newest member of the ETO team. As the office has grown, we've realized that we have a real need for a full-time dedicated resource (and expert) in visual design, with the instructional design skills to back it up. And here we are!

Cheryl is a Learning Experience Designer with a range of experience and skill set in user experience design, animation, and medical illustrations. She specializes in knowledge translation, translating complex data and abstract concepts from content experts into visual and interactive solutions. Cheryl completed her Master of Science in Biomedical Communication at U of T.  

Before joining ETO, Cheryl worked as Educational Technology Design Analyst at Postgraduate Medical Education (PGME), creating online learning experiences for medical professionals. In that role, Cheryl created animations and illustrations used in online courses for doctors, and supported staff at PGME with any other graphic needs – from slide deck to designing websites.   

Cheryl is exited to join the ETO and expand on the topics to illustrate! When she isn’t at her desk drawing on her computer, you’ll find her watching food documentaries or painting dinosaurs with her kids.  


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