MADE for U of T | Ep. 06 | Christy Tucker

In Ep. 06 we learn about how to build branching scenarios with our guest, Christy Tucker.


MADE for U of T | Ep. 05 | Steven Scott

In Ep. 05 we start the conversation on media accessibility with our guest, Steven Scott.


MADE for U of T | Ep. 04 | Laura Mingail

In Ep. 04 we hear from Laura Mingail on using emerging forms of storytelling and technologies.


MADE for U of T | Ep. 03 | Matt Everson


In Ep. 03  we hear from Matt Everson on using new collaboration tools for virtual participation.


MADE for U of T | Ep. 02 | Cheryl Lee


In Ep. 02,  we hear from Cheryl Lee on how (and how not) to use images in media projects.


MADE for U of T | Ep. 01 | Prof. Hatzopoulou


In this first episode of MADE for U of T, we hear from professor Marianne Hatzopoulou and her experience pivoting to a virtual video shoot. Her top tips include writing a script, setting up your space, and the value of tip sheets.