EdTech Tip Sheet: April 2024

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April 2024 EdTech Tips

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  1. Explore a scenario-based training module
  2. Prepare for Stream (Classic)'s retirement
  3. Wrap up your course with the End-of-term Quercus Checklist
  4. Add the Teaching and Learning Symposium (TLS) to your calendars
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What's happening in the world of FASE EdTech this month? We're celebrating the end-of-term with the release of a new openly accessible training module (see Tip 01: Explore a scenario-based training module). We're pretty proud of this one because a) we tried a few things and b) we worked with subject matter experts from across the University. When it comes to Quercus, we're thinking about how to wrap up smoothly, while setting you up for an easy launch the next time you run your course (see Tip 03: Wrap up your course with the end-of-term Quercus Checklist). 

What's happening over the next few months? The ETO is preparing for a busy summer with the development and launch of two new online courses: Environment, Social, and Governance (ESG) in May and Economics and Finance (E&F) in September (both are part of the Mining Industry Management Program (MIMP) but more on those in an upcoming issue). We're also this close to launching our new website, which sees a platform switch from Drupal to Wordpress. 

If you do one thing after reading this newsletter, make sure it's confirming that you've migrated all your videos from MS Stream (Classic) (see Tip 02: Prepare for Stream Classic's retirement). You've likely been contacted by the Stream Support team prior to this reminder; if so, and you've already migrated, there's nothing more for you to do. Don't worry MyMedia users! MyMedia is unaffected by this change.
Did you notice the jump links were missing from under the banner gif? This month, we're experimenting with a new way to navigate the newsletter, aimed at reducing extra content and providing more details on what you're clicking. What do you think? Submit this one-question survey if you have a preference about navigational jump links.

1. Explore a scenario-based training module

New module alert! In this project showcase (a new series on the ETO blog), we’re highlighting the Working Safely with Sharps scenario-based training module. This project was a collaboration between Environment Health and Safety (EHS), FASE Health and Safety, and the ETO. Our goal was to transform an existing one-hour training presentation into an interactive digital learning experience.

This project's unique blend of storytelling, instructional design, and multimedia production sets it apart from some of the other types of projects the ETO has worked on in the past. We're hoping that the collaborative approach led to an impactful learning experience that will resonate with learners while promoting safe practices. The final module is a self-directed learning experience that can be shared flexibly, allowing for learners to reference the module as assigned, as needed, or “just-in-time” for their lab work.

You can read the full blog post, Project Showcase: Working Safely with Sharps, to learn more about what we did differently for this module, including why we decided to use scenarios, how we maximized the effectiveness of cartoons and illustrations, and why we'll always suggest using scripts going forward. 
Explore the Module

2. Prepare for Stream (Classic)'s retirement

Reminder! The final retirement date has been set for Monday, May 06, 2024. We've been preparing for this retirement for a few months, but it's finally here: the last day the U of T community will be able to access their Stream (Classic) video content is May 05, 2024 (see the August 2023 newsletter for how to see if you have any videos on Stream (Classic). Microsoft is globally phasing out its existing video hosting tool, Stream (Classic) for a new video hosting tool, Stream (on Sharepoint). 

A few things to keep in mind

  1. If you have more than 30 videos, you can request a migration for your videos. 
  2. After migration (i.e., re-uploaded to the new video host), you will have to re-share any links as the old links will no longer work. See Microsoft's guide to updating embed code
  3. Videos hosted on MyMedia are unaffected by this change.
Looking for more information? See Enterprise Applications and Solutions Integration (EASI)'s guide to preparing for the retirement of Stream (Classic), which includes a helpful Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. The ETO has published a supplemental blog that provides an in depth overview on moving from Stream (Classic) to Stream (on SharePoint)

If you have any questions, please email stream.support@utoronto.ca.

3. Wrap up your course with the End-of-term Quercus Checklist

Use this 5-step list to complete some end-of-term tasks for record-keeping and to manage student or TA/course staff access to your Quercus course if you plan to provide access beyond the end of the typical course lifecycle (1 month after the session end).
  1. Review and export the Gradebook
  2. Download any lecture recordings you want to retain
  3. Unpublish any course content (if needed)
  4. Extend the access dates of your course (e.g., if you are running a deferred exam)
  5. Send your students a course wrap-up announcement
If you have additional questions about end-of-term tasks for your Quercus course, email us at fase.edtech@utoronto.ca or schedule a consultation. 

4. Add the Teaching and Learning Symposium (TLS) to your calendars

Block your calendars for May 22 (online) and May 23 (in person) for the 2024 University of Toronto Teaching & Learning SymposiumFrom the event page: "For the 2024 University of Toronto Teaching & Learning Symposium, we are considering the classroom from all angles and perspectives. Is it something we can easily define? How does broadening our understanding of what a classroom can be and who can participate in the learning space create new and impactful learning experiences for everyone? How do we individually and collectively contribute to, and benefit from, this shared environment? How do we ensure equal opportunity to thrive in the classroom space?" 
Visit the TLS Event Website

Easily control audio and video settings in Teams meetings

Managing audio and video settings during meetings can be tricky and distracting. You can now easily access those settings and control key audio and video features, without having to navigate through multiple layers of settings. MS Teams has made it simpler to modify your video and audio settings during an MS Teams event. Previously, these were buried under settings, but now are available to the right of the video and microphone icon buttons. The new version of MS Teams was made the default on April 01, 2024.

How to change your webcam and background during a Teams session

  1. During a meeting, click the downward arrow next to the Camera button (depicted in the image above) or the Mic button on the Meeting toolbar, and then click either the More video options link or the More audio options link at the bottom of the menu to open the side panel.
You can also access those settings by clicking the More actions button on the Meeting toolbar, and then selecting either Audio settings or Video effects and settings.
For more details (including a known issue for Mac users), read the blog post "Easily control audio and video settings in Teams meetings" on the Microsoft Insider website.

Faculty Questions of the Week

Each week we answer a real question that we've received about Quercus and other Academic Toolbox tools, keeping the questions timely and relevant to you. You can select on the question to read the full inquiry and response or see all previous faculty questions of the week.

Read the Faculty Questions of the Week

Why can't I add the courses I teach to Crowdmark? (March 28, 2024) | When I log into Crowdmark I only see the courses I took as a student; there's no option to import a new course. What am I doing wrong?
Does changing a student's name and email affect their information and assessments in Crowdmark? (February 29, 2024) | The student submitted a Crowdmark quiz prior to the change. Will the quiz still be associated correctly?

New (or updated) ETO Technical Guides

We usually update our technical guides as questions come in, changes are made to systems, or as we come up to certain dates in the academic calendar.

Here's what we've been up to over the past month:
  1. How to embed a video hosted in Stream on SharePoint into a Quercus page - A timely update with the retirement of Stream (Classic), this guide now covers how to adjust the video permission settings in Stream on SharePoint to correctly embed a video into Quercus elements featuring the Rich Content Editor such as Page, Discussions, Assignments, Quizzes, etc. (or on any other web page).

Worthwhile clicks from the Web

Looking for something to read/watch/listen to? Each month we round up things that we've interacted with that we think are worth sharing:
  1. It's all about the process | The Educationalist. From the article: "Our lives have become so fast paced and we often, too often find ourselves seeking quick results, counting our wins in *results* or *outcomes.* But aren’t we forgetting something? The process, going through the motions, is actually key to our success."
  2. Basic Instructional Design Process for Non-Instructional Designers | Experiencing ELearning. From the article: "Even if you don’t have formal training in instructional designing, you can learn and use a basic instructional design process."
  3. Class Adjourned: The Importance of Ending Well | Faculty Focus. From the podcast: "We always talk about the beginning of the course and setting the tone, but what about the end of the course? How can you make your course memorable? How can you make your end-of-course project meaningful?" 
  4. The Future of Higher Education in Canada:15 Challenging Issues | Contact North. From the article: "In this post we examine the key issues that must be addressed, focusing attention on the need for a comprehensive rethink of the eco-system."

Curious about the photos in the banner?

This month's banner images are a few photos taken by the ETO team during the past month:
Row 01: Left: Spring Tulips (Irina Belaya)
Row 01: Right: Hurley and crocheted bird friend (Inga Breede)
Row 02: Left: Ashbridges Bay Outdoor Art Show (Inga Breede)
Row 02: Right: Snowy Spring Park (Maggie Laidlaw)
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