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Each week we'll use this space to share a question (or more!) that we've received about Quercus and other Academic Toolbox tools. 

This week's question is: "How does a change in a student's name and email affect their information and previous assessments in Crowdmark?"

This Week's Faculty Question

Q:  I receive an email from one of my students informing me that they had recently changed their official name and email in Quercus (their student number and UTORid has not changed). I can see that the information has already been updated in Quercus. How does this change affect their information in Crowdmark? The student submitted a Crowdmark quiz prior to the name and email change. Will the quiz still be associated with the student if I re-sync the Crowdmark enrollment with Quercus?

A:   When a student changes their official name and email, there are some considerations for other Academic Toolbox tools you may be using in your course that are linked to email (including Crowdmark). With Crowdmark, there are a couple of options you can cosider, depending on whether the student has any assessments already associated with their former name and email or not. You can find the details of each option below. In the case you describe, where the student has already written a Quiz in Crowdmark, Option 2 is the better option - it will save you having to re-match the student's assessment booklet.

Option 1: Update course enrolments with a new Quercus Sync

This is the best option if there are no assessments currently associated with the student in your Crowdmark course.
  • If the student's name and email information on Quercus has been updated, performing a new Quercus sync to update the student roster in Crowdmark will remove the student (enrolled with their previous email) from the Crowdmark course, and re-enroll them using their new email.
  • If there are assessments already connected with this student, the resync will remove this connection. As a result, there will be no existing assessments associated with the student, and the instructor would need to re-match the assessment to the 'new' student again in the 'Match booklets' page.
For information on re-syncing your Quercus course roster with Crowdmark, please refer to our guide: How do I connect my Quercus course to Crowdmark?, in particular Section 3.3. Update Enrolments if required.

Option 2: Ask student to update Crowdmark profile and then perform a new Quercus Sync

This is the best option if there are already assessments associated with the student in your Crowdmark course.
  1. Ask the student to add a secondary email address to all their Crowdmark accounts so that they can access all their assessments and courses by using either their previous or their new email address to log in. The student can simply add a secondary email address to their account, update their name, and select the email address they would like to be the primary one. Doing this will not affect any pre-existing assessments that are in progress or have been completed. For instructions on how to add a secondary email address, students can refer to this Crowdmark guide: Merging Crowdmark accounts.
  2. Confirm with the student that they have merged their accounts.
  3. Then, re-sync the roster with Quercus to update the enrollments. You should see the student's revised name and email, but their assessment still associated with them.
Note: If, after adding a secondary email address, the student then proceeds to delete their previous email from Crowdmark, you might need to rematch any previously matched booklets.
For more information on using Crowdmark in your FASE course, take a look at our series of guides: ETO Crowdmark Guides.

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