Quercus Updates

This update: Quercus Rich Content Editor & Gradebook Updates and Crowdmark Randomized Questions


Thinking about Crowdmark this year?

As we return to in person assessments, our tool needs shift. Let us know if you plan to use Crowdmark for either in administered (in person) or assigned (submitted digitally) assessments in the upcoming fall, winter, or summer terms. We know that many do not yet know which class they will be teaching (nor how large the class is); the purpose of this form is to collect interest. This opt-in will help FASE decide how to license the tool (faculty-wide or by class).


Faculty Question of the Week

"How can I send the results of a Crowdmark exam to only one student?"


Faculty Question of the Week

"Why are the grades I exported from Crowdmark not visible in Quercus?"


What are your thoughts on online grading tools?

Submit your feedback on requirements for an online grading tool (think solutions like Crowdmark or Gradescope).


Weekly Quercus Updates

This week: Canvas Profiles Reporting Interface, Crowdmark Download Text Responses, This Week's Faculty Question: How can I invite a guest speaker from another University to my Zoom lecture?


Weekly Quercus Updates

This week: Crowdmark grading features updates,This Week's Faculty Question: I've been assigned to teach a course in September 2021 but I don't see the course on my Quercus Dashboard yet. Can you help me find my course?   


Weekly Quercus Updates

This week: Crowdmark Dashboard Update, This Week's Faculty Question:  I’m setting up my Quercus course and I’ve copied over some content from a previous course. I used the Link Validator to check all my course links and it brought up some links with the following messages: external links in this resource were unreachable and links to other courses in this resource may not be accessible by the students in this course. What do these messages mean? Do I need to check all these links? All the links seem to work for me!