Quercus Updates (May 2024)

This update: Crowdmark new features, MS Stream interactivity tools, Quercus Discussions redesign, and tools being removed from the Academic Toolbox.


Faculty Question of the Week

"Why can't I add the courses I teach to Crowdmark?"


Faculty Question of the Week

"How does a change in a student's name and email affect their information and previous assessments in Crowdmark?"


Quercus Updates (January 2024)

This update:  Crowdmark Exam Matcher, MS Copilot, Ed Discussion, and Quercus Calendar.


What's new in Crowdmark for Fall 2023?

Just in time for the new academic year, Crowdmark has released two big upgrades:
  1. Improved assessment set-up process
  2. Updated interface for student tables
In this blog post we offer you an overview about of the improvements, along with additional resources that you can explore to learn more about each upgrade.

Faculty Question of the Week

"Can I enter grades and feedback in Quercus for a quiz that was written on-paper?"


EdTech Tip Sheet: April 2023

In this Issue: EdTech Workshop 2023 Speakers and Sessions | Crowdmark Guides Updated | Register for online proctoring vendor demos


EdTech Tip Sheet: February 2023

In this Issue: Crowdmark license extended | Save the Date for the EdTech Workshop 2023