MathMatize Your Classroom: Webinar Review

MathMatize is a new online math-learning platform co-developed by Prof. Jonathan Herman. This reviews his Lessons Learned Webinar.


Adapting Group Projects and Software Skills to Online

Working in groups remotely can be difficult for students. Join Professor Drake as she shares her experiences with online groupwork for CIV550!


The Quirkiness of Quercus: Debriefing on the U of T Engineering Academy

Outreach coordinator Claire Heymans shares her experiences with managing (over 900!) students online.


Preparing Online Lectures for a Flipped Classroom

About Professor Chandra

Sanjeev Chandra is a professor in the department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto. He has served many leadership roles within the faculty, including as the Associate Chair of Undergraduate Studies and the Vice-Chair of the MIE department. Internationally recognized for his research work in the dynamics of droplets and sprays, he is also one of the founders of the Centre for Advanced Coating Technologies at U of T.


Lessons from your colleagues: Webinars that Share your Online Teaching Experiences

(If you are not able to register due to not having an O365 account, please email fase.edtech@utoronto.ca for registration.)


Lessons from your colleagues: Fabian's "Engage!" webinar

Worried about online student engagement? This is the session for you! Discussing strategies for both synchronous and asynchronous teaching, there is something to learn for everyone!


Quercus and SCORMs – Lessons Learned Session Summary (11-12pm June 22 2020)

This session led by Prof. Graeme Norval and Dr. Jeffrey Castrucci walked us through the applications of SCORMs inside Quercus.