Let's Chat about Chatting! (Session Review)

This blog reviews the session (the slide deck used for this session is included at the bottom of this post) and includes the rationale (why you might choose to translate the benefits of online chatting to your physical classoom), considerations for implementation (what do you need to think about before you do this?), its uses, examples of tools (we compare different vetted (and some un-vetted) tools you could implement in your course) and we end with some recommendations.


Start Strong: The Sophomore Edition

This initiative (led by Anna) combines asynchronous, self-directed online modules (learn more about the Start Strong modules) with synchronous, virtual collaboration, and brainstorming sessions (register for the session below). Fun fact: we developed these modules based on your feedback; there was a desire for support materials that would help instructors get up and running as efficiently as possible.


Drop in for a chat about chatting!

While teaching remotely (e.g. via Zoom or Teams) during the pandemic, many instructors observed an increase in student participation via the 'chat' function. Thanks to this functionality, more students actively asked and answered questions when classes were online than when classes were held on campus.


July EdTech Events

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The EdTech Workshop is a free event for faculty, staff and other members of the University of Toronto community. We invite you to join us for an informal but jam packed day of sharing ideas, learning from each other, and yes, doing a little commiseration after a pretty challenging year. While we wouldn't say this is an "unconference," we do focus on conversation, connections, and interaction and are working hard to take our in person event online in the same spirit!


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CTSI: Office 365 for Teaching and Learning Series

About CTSI

The Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation (CTSI) is a University of Toronto organization that provides support for pedagogy and pedagogy-driven instructional technology for all teaching staff. Check out their Quercus Support Resources for all of their Quercus videos and workshop recordings.