Recognizing the many hats we wear

Lessons shared at the 14th Annual UofT Teaching and Learning Symposium on recognizing each other’s whole identities as teachers and learners. 


Care and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy

Looking for ways to support students who finds learning in English challenging? Consider the Care and Culturally Reponsive Pedagogy.


Implementing Remote Experiential Learning

Interested in new and engaging projects for your class? Read four experiential learning examples that can be used in both in-person and remote settings!


EngSci's Top 10 Recommendations for Online Learning

This list was compiled by the Division of Engineering Science (EngSci) Leadership Team. Links to resources were added by the EdTech Team. If you have questions about implementing a strategy suggested below, or any question really, we enourage you to book a consultation or send us an email at fase.edtech@utoronto.ca.


First Week Back at FASE

How are online classes going for students so far? Engineering student Priscilla shares her experiences and thoughts on her first week back at FASE!


EdTech Office's Summer Interns 2020

Who are the EdTech interns? Find out more about us and how we're working to transition to online learning!


Do I have to turn on my webcam?

This article covers some things you can do in online courses that will help you (a student!) improve your learning experience.


PeerScholar: An Introduction to Peer Review (with a Student Perspective)

Considering activity and assessment options for your course? Find out what students think about PeerScholar and peer assessment as a learning tool!