EdTech Tip Sheet: September 2021

In this Issue: Accommodation Planning | Resumption of on-campus services | National Day for Truth and Reconciliation


EdTech Tip Sheet: August 2021

In this Issue: Accommodation Planning | Termination of Bb Collaborate | Enroll in Start Strong Modules | More!


EdTech Tip Sheet: July 2021

In this Issue: Prepping Flexibly for September | Reuse your video content


EdTech Tip Sheet: June 2021

In this Issue: Deletion of Bb Collaborate Recordings ·  Start Strong for Fall 2021 · Quick Tip: Namedrop · EdTech Workshop Recordings


EdTech Tip Sheet: Special Edition!

Learn more about how we're taking the day virtual as well as the sessions and speakers. And the PJ Prize Pack!


EdTech Tip Sheet: April 2021

In this Issue: Meet Inga · #LearnWithIntegrity Campaign · Assessment Prep · Quick Tip: Send pages · EdTech 2021 Sessions


EdTech Tip Sheet: February 2021

In this Issue: EdTech Workshop 2021 | New Crowdmark Questions Types | Watch Prof. Drake's CIV550 Case Study Recording.


EdTech Tip Sheet: January 2021

This issue includes a checklist for End of Term Course Care, double checking your Grade Posting Policy, adding a clock widget, administering Oral Exams, upcoming sessions, a how to for Large Collaborate Sessions and more! 



EdTech Tip Sheet: December 2020

Happy Holidays! This Tip Sheet includes things to do to wrap up your current Q course and to get ready for the start of a new term.


EdTech Tip Sheet: November 2020

Read November's newsletter for changes to Quercus, a new example video in the newscaster style, and register for an upcoming EdTech session!