How can the EdTech Office help you this summer?

We can help with idea generation

There's a lot of resources to help you get started, but it can still be challenging to go from here to there. Join us for our new webinar series featuring faculty members sharing lessons they've learned, explore our self-directed guides on everything from active learning activities on Bb Collaborate Ultra to Quercus course shell examples so that you do not have to start from scratch.

We can help with course planning

We're happy to offer 1-1 consultations wherein we can discuss any aspect of your course as it relates to technology, focusing especially on helping you map your learning outcomes to available institutional technologies. We know you have a lot of decisions to make this summer - from choosing your course modalities to how to set up your space to pre-record content or what webinar tool to use

We can help with course building

We can help you with the work, too. We have 12 intern students (meet the Interns!) this summer who are ready and willing to help you! They can help you build course elements, test activities, edit your videos, or simply provide a priceless student perspective (most are FASE students). If you're pre-recording content, see if our remote editing process would work for you (we do the editing!).

Transitioning to Online/Remote Teaching

It can be hard to allocate time for planning, especially when you are facing a condensed course re-design timetable. But, hours spent thinking about your course are a worthwhile investment, even when time is short. These guides will help you refine for your design plan and get you over the "hump" - that stage where you want to get going, but need that first step.

After you've made your design decisions, you probably want to get started. These guides help you create content (largely pre-recorded video content) and plan live course sessions (largely using a webinar tool). There is a major shortage of hardware (e.g. webcams, tablets, etc.) due to increased demand - if you are thinking of making this purchase, we recommend that you do so as soon as possible (see our recommendations for selecting hardware).

Let us help you build your course design ideas in Quercus. With our in-depth knowledge of the functionality and features of the system (as well as the other tools included in U of T's Academic Toolbox), we can help you create a rich learning environment for your course (and then we can help you copy it from term to term).

Chances are that a portion of your online/remote course is going to be "live" (those participating in the course will join a webinar at the same time to participate in course activities). Ideally, these sessions will be recorded and shared back to your course, allowing for review and supplemental access.

While the guides are great, what can you do when something goes wrong or is not working as you'd expected? Contact us! We encourage you to send us an email or schedule a consultation session. You might also find the answer to your question in our published technical help guides or review U of T's Quercus Support Resources.

Technical Help Areas of Support (by tool):

  1. Quercus
  2. Bb Collaborate
  3. Crowdmark
  4. Microsoft Office 365 (O365)
  5. MyMedia
  6. Peerwise
  7. SnagIt
  8. YouTube
  9. Zoom

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How We Can Help


We offer in person, one-on-one or group training sessions to help you familiarize yourself with instructional technology tools. Customized training sessions can be tailored for your specific requirements to help you get the most out of your equipment and tools.


Detailed project planning will ensure that you achieve your goals, whatever they may be. Whether it is to help students achieve learning outcomes, saving time and resources, or making content more accessible and interactive, we’ll help you think about today, tomorrow, and two years from now. Together, we'll develop a roadmap to make your project successful.


We can help you take your idea to implementation. While we do offer development services and support, you might just want a sounding board. We're happy to listen, offer advice, share contacts and experiences, or provide any other assistance that you might need.

Resource Development

We can work with you to help develop your own training and support materials for your class. Materials can range from quick turnaround resources (e.g., documents, screen captures) to larger projects (e.g., instructional videos). The best development windows for larger resource projects may be between terms or over the summer months, so we encourage you to plan ahead.


When we work together in this setup and implementation process, we can avoid some common missteps in piloting new technology. And you can have the confidence in knowing we’re here to call in case you run into technical difficulties.

Trouble Shooting

We provide direct support online, over the phone, or in person for instructors who are using centrally supported services.