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Leverage ideas and templates

There's a lot of resources to help you get started, but it can still be challenging to go from here to there. Join us for our new webinar series featuring faculty members sharing lessons they've learned, explore our self-directed guides on everything from how to administer Zoom in your course to Quercus course shell examples so that you do not have to start from scratch.

Book an individual consultation

We're happy to offer 1-1 consultations wherein we can discuss any aspect of your course as it relates to technology, focusing especially on helping you map your learning outcomes to available institutional technologies. We know you have a lot of decisions to make this summer - from choosing your course modalities to how to set up your space to pre-record content or what webinar tool to use

Sign up for one of our services

We can help you with the work, too. Our Educational Technologists are ready and willing to help you! We offer Remote Editing of previously recorded content (we can help clean and trim content previously recorded and polish it for use in a new term). You could join the lecture capture program (we can help you select the appropriate lecture capture option to ensure your synchronous content is available asynchronously). Or maybe you have a one-time-only (or project-based) filming request (perhaps for a demonstration or special guest). See all of the ETO's services to learn more. 

Use our "how to" guides

Our searchable technical support site is divided into two major categories: technical how to guides and teaching with technology resources. In our technical documentation, you see step-by-step how to use Quercus and other tools in UofT's Academic toolbox. In our teaching with technology guides, you'll find the focus is more on pedagogical advice (e.g. synchronous online activities, self-capturing, TEAL resources). 

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Faculty questions of the week

Faculty Question of the Week
Anna | 16 November
"Why is Quercus randomly changing students' grades from my in-class exam?"
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Faculty Question of the Week
Anna | 26 October
"Why can't I see the option to embed a Form in PowerPoint?"
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Faculty Question of the Week
Anna | 12 October
"How can I make the correct answers for a Quiz available to students?"
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