Quercus Updates (May 2024)

This update: Crowdmark new features, MS Stream interactivity tools, Quercus Discussions redesign, and tools being removed from the Academic Toolbox.


Quercus Updates (January 2024)

This update:  Crowdmark Exam Matcher, MS Copilot, Ed Discussion, and Quercus Calendar.


Complete the Quercus Start-of-term Checklist

Included are not only our top questions but also our top recommendations on how to structure your course to promote learning and usability.


Quercus Updates (August 2023)

This update:  Rich Content Editor, Modules, SpeedGrader, Settings, and Assignments.


Quercus Updates

This update: Rich Content Editor updates (Word Count Details & Icon Maker), Student Grades Page Updates


Quercus Updates

This update: Schedule Page Publication, Enhanced Gradebook Filters (Preview) 


Quercus Updates

This update: Quercus Rich Content Editor & Gradebook Updates and Crowdmark Randomized Questions


Quercus Updates

This update: Assignment Due Dates and Times


Weekly Quercus Updates

This week: Canvas Updates: Gradebook & SpeedGrader,This Week's Faculty Question: We have been recording our Zoom lectures and saving the recordings to the Zoom cloud. Students have been able to access the recordings directly in Zoom via a link we posted. However, Zoom has advised us that we are now at 98% of available space. Is there is a way to download the recordings directly to Quercus or some other space? 


Weekly Quercus Updates

This week: Canvas Updates,This Week's Faculty Question: I created manual sections in my Quercus course and now my student list is not updating properly from ACORN. I have students who have dropped the course, but they still appear on my People page and they are still receiving notifications and announcements. Can you help?