Share your Digital Learning Project via our Project Catalogue

Are you working on something that you'd like share to the wider community? We'd be happy to share your projects (e.g. videos, modules, online courses, tool pilots, etc) via our Project Catalogue. Not only does this showcase the work that you've done, it helps others find it - especially appealing if you'd like to spread information about who and how to access your project. We're happy to share any project at FASE; we'll indicate whether you've had EdTech Office Support (or not) when posting and ensure that credit is given where its due. Learners cannot "take the course" through the project catalogue. The idea is to provide outside-of-Quercus access to materials and to share information that these projects exist at the facutly. 

How do I share my project?

  1. Optional: Schedule an info session to learn more about sharing your project (email fase.edtech@utoronto.ca)
  2. Submit the project information webform (also embedded below)
  3. Submit the project team member information (via MS Forms; apologies for the multiple forms, but this allows us to accept photos). If you are external to the UofT Community, please use this external team member information collection form.

After you've submitted your form, we'll create a Project page and send it to you for review. 

Does the project have to be open access?

Not at all! We're happy to share as much or as little of your project as you'd prefer. You can provide access to course video and media content (e.g. APS162: Calculus for Engineers I) or you can provide an information page and information on how to contact you (e.g. MIE515 - Alternative Energy Systems). 

Submit the Project Information Collection Webform