Virtual Labs: Labster Under the Lens

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Teaching concepts online without hands-on experimentation can be challenging. However, Labster can offer an online alternative with their virtual lab simulations. This session features instructors who have used Labster in their courses, their experiences, and their students' perceptions on the virtual lab platform.


Accommodations and Accessibility in Remote/Online Teaching

Learn more about registering with accessibility services, facts and figures, and considerations for online and remote learning.


Crowdmark available Faculty-wide!

Crowdmark has been officially licensed across the Faculty for the current academic year.


Update on Video Server Access and Playback

As the term starts, sharing and hosting videos will be a large part of how you will share content with your students (either in terms of pre-recorded content or sharing recording of your live course sessions).


8 Comparison Tables of Available Teaching Technologies

What tool should you use and when? Let us help you make a thoughtful decision about which tool works for you!


Quercus Course Care for End of Term

We're coming to the end of term - which means, it's time to think about your Quercus courses!

That's right, it's time to think about archiving your existing course and to start preparing your courses for next term. ROSI-generated Quercus Courses have a pre-determined lifecycle which controls when the courses are available and who can access them. Instructors, as well as students, lose access to Quercus courses after a set amount of time has passed.


Backchanneling Workshop Readings

Supplemental readings for the EdTech 2019 Workshop on Backchanneling in active learning classrooms.

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