Join the FASE Lecture Capture Program

The Lecture Capture Program supports instructors who would like to record their live course sessions and share this footage back to the students for the duration of their course. It is not intended for one off or special request captures (see how to request special filming requests). The ETO team will schedule for as many courses as possible, as determined by scheduling limitations. In general, we film larger courses that contain high volumes of non-digital content (e.g chalkboard, demonstrations).

What are the other lecture capture options?

If you are thinking about lecture capture as part of an accommodation plan (serving a portion versus your whole class), please see our overview of alternate lecture capture solutions that are self-managed without ETO in-person support (we're happy to help you test your set up and process and provide advice on which solution works for your style of teaching). 

Curious about what the research says about lecture capture?

See our overview of the impact of lecture capture on your course, addressing some common concerns that come with lecture capture.

Lecture Capture Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

See responses to the frequently asked questions regarding the Lecture Capture Program:

  1. What should instructors do before their first class?
  2. How can you help ensure the lecture capture program's success in your course?
  3. How does lecture capture work in the classroom?
  4. How quickly are the videos posted?
  5. How long do you keep lecture for?
  6. Will students be recorded?

We are currently accepting requests for the Winter 2022 Lecture Capture Program!