How to Request Special (One time or Project-based) Academic Filming

This form is intended to collect requests for non-lecture capture filming for course content. This could be a lab you'd like to share with your course, a guest speaker, or something on location (it could be anything!) but it is not a regular, repeating filming request. If it happens during class time, we'll likely be able to help; if it happens outside of your regularly scheduled class time, we would suggest that you contact another on campus group that captures content for online or hybrid non-academic events. At this time, the ETO does not provide filming services for non-course content (e.g., program seminars, information sessions, special events). 

If your event is happening in an LSM-managed classroom, you could consider using OpenCast's automatic capture tool. Contact opencast.project@utoronto.ca for more information and support to set up your recording. We'd recommend at least two weeks lead time for assistance.

For lecture capture, please submit a request to participate in the Lecture Capture program.

Interested in a special academic filming session? Please submit this form.