Don't forget to hit record!

If possible, it is recommended that you record any live course sessions, to allow access for those who were not able to attend, had technical difficulties, or perhaps were unable to access the tech required to attend. This is, of course, a personal decision – thank you for considering it. Additionally, if you have PDFs or other annotated files, these could be shared with your class as well (pre- allows them to follow along; post- allows them to review).


TA Training: Top 10 Quercus Questions

For first time TAs (well, all TAs really), adminstering Quercus can be a challenge. With your new role in the course, there's a lot more functionality to explore (in fact, you have all the same permissions as an Instructor, minus that you cannot add or remove users). This PDF version of the session reviews what we think are the Top 10 TA-asked Quercus questions - but you ranked them! (You can also view the presentation online.)


Planning Effective and Efficient Screencast Content

Define your learning objectives

Write these from the learner's point of view - what will they be able to do once they've participated in your learning module? By articulating these before you begin, you're most likely to cover your main points without too much wandering. Keep in mind that the ideal length for a concept video is under 8 minutes. When defining your outcomes, it might help to think about how long it will take you to teach that concept and how you might break larger concepts down to smaller ones. 


Maximixing Participation during a Webinar/Online Session

Some of these techniques will be determined by the nature of your online session, but there are also some general tips: