TA Training: Top 10 Quercus Questions

On September 03, 2019, we ran through a one hour session on your Top 10 Quercus Questions. This presentation links to the instructions and helpguides mentioned in that session.

For first time TAs (well, all TAs really), adminstering Quercus can be a challenge. With your new role in the course, there's a lot more functionality to explore (in fact, you have all the same permissions as an Instructor, minus that you cannot add or remove users). This PDF version of the session reviews what we think are the Top 10 TA-asked Quercus questions - but you ranked them! (You can also view the presentation online.)

The goal of this session was to introduce you to both the commonly assigned to TA tasks (like grading) but also to tools that you might want to introduce back to your teaching teams (like Bb Collaborate for online office hours). 

FYI: This ranking question was built using Mentimeter. If you'd like to use Mentimeter in your course, please email edtech@ecf.utoronto.ca. If you're interested in other classroom response and backchanneling tools, see our overview of backchanneling tools.