Supporting Accommodations for Students

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Do you have students in your course that you're accomodating online until they can arrive on campus? Or any other reason really...

This year, all instructors need to prepare for student accommodations throughout the year. Some students are submitting official accommodation requests because they cannot be physically on campus at the start of term, while others may experience illness at any point during the term, for example. 

This guide, How to develop an accomodation plan, provides some ideas on how to accommodate a portion of the students in your course that have an official accommodation for online/remote learning. The strategies included here aim to provide an acceptable learning experience for students, while balancing the workload for the instructor. The strategies are effective, but not overly strenuous - the most bang for your buck!

  1. Record (and share) your course activities
  2. Incorporate a discussion board
  3. Hold online office hours
  4. Send a weekly announcement to remind students of upcoming deadlines and events
  5. Use online assessment tools
This guide is NOT a guide to developing an online course. If you're thinking about teaching entirely online, please see our guides on developing an online course.
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