Supporting Accommodations for Students

Do you have students in your course that you're accomodating online until they can arrive on campus? 


EngSci's Top 10 Recommendations for Online Learning

This list was compiled by the Division of Engineering Science (EngSci) Leadership Team. Links to resources were added by the EdTech Team. If you have questions about implementing a strategy suggested below, or any question really, we enourage you to book a consultation or send us an email at fase.edtech@utoronto.ca.


Accommodations and Accessibility in Remote/Online Teaching

Learn more about registering with accessibility services, facts and figures, and considerations for online and remote learning.


Do I have to turn on my webcam?

This article covers some things you can do in online courses that will help you (a student!) improve your learning experience.


Quercus and SCORMs – Lessons Learned Session Summary (11-12pm June 22 2020)

This session led by Prof. Graeme Norval and Dr. Jeffrey Castrucci walked us through the applications of SCORMs inside Quercus.