Are you Team Digital or Team Analogue?

Related people and/or projects: The EdTech Workshop 2023 is back in person!

At this year's Workshop, there will be three "outside of the regular programming" activities.

What are the goals of the activities?

These activities have two purposes:

  1. Introduce you to new technologies and tools. We're highlighting new (U of T's Educational Minecraft license and pilot) and under used (digital and other pen tablets) in these activities, aiming to give you something hands on try out (with support from the ETO team, of course!)
  2. Have a bit of fun! Full day conferences can be a lot; drop into one of these activities if you want a bit of a breather! Some are methodical; for example, if you are percolating on something, try the digital colouring station for a bit of active meditation. 

What are the EdTech Workshop 2023 activities?

Here are the three activities:

  1. The Builder. How big can you go? Experiment with block building digitally (Minecraft) or in real life (Lego). U of T is piloting Minecraft for Education; would something work in your course?
  2. The Artist. The pen(cil crayon) is mightier than the digital pen! Or is it? See which suits you! The Digital Colouring activity occurs in the Myhal Visualization Facilty, where we'll have multiple different types of tablets set up for you to try out.
  3. The Achiever. You get a badge! And you get a badge! But do you want one to pin to your lanyard or to share on your social media? In this activity, you'll be able to make physical buttons but also get a digital badge via an Articulate Storyline module.
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