Better than paper exams

Date of Session: 2021

EdTech 2021 Theme Stream: Recycle

This session will be filmed/recorded.

The recent shift to online learning, while stressful, may have been a necessary step in the overall improvement of how we conduct assessments. Students have been doing handwritten examinations for hundreds of years, but are they really the best way to gauge a student's understanding of a topic in modern times? In this talk, I will be discussing the limitations of paper-based and existing solutions for online exams and how Examify has become a valuable tool in many courses on campus to improve this experience. I will demonstrate how Examify is also being used as a learning tool to help students get a better understanding of course material outside of the exam room.

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Session Leader(s):
PhD student, CEO (Examify Inc)
Preferred Pronouns: He/Him/His