The 5 steps that allowed me to plan ahead to reduce, recycle but not necessarily re-use assessments in a course during and post-pandemic

Date of Session: 2021

EdTech 2021 Theme Stream: Reduce

This session will be filmed/recorded.

When you have to continually pivot, is it possible to plan with uncertainty in mind? I have found ways to teach online more effectively using 5 steps - using a teaching team, having students as partners, re-assessing learning outcomes, understanding academic integrity issues and leveraging existing edtech. These 5 steps were applied to every assessment in a variety of courses and allowed me to streamline how to reduce the time on assessment creation (i.e. did you know T/F was so effective), reuse lecture material in assessments (open-book but effective), without having to radically recycle multiple choice questions. In this session I will discuss the length of time this process takes to create both timed synchronous and take home style assessments that use these steps, create more meaningful questions but do not take more time (which no one ever has - pandemic or not).

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Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
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