New Module Series: Start Strong

The ETO has a new self-paced online support resource launching in late July! It's our biggest formal support effort to date and consolidates our support resources into digestable, chunked packages.

Join us this summer the EdTech Office releases a series of self-directed modules, short demos, and hands-on workshops, designed to get you ready to teach your Fall 2021 courses. How much time you commit depends on what works for you! You're in charge of how this program works for you. The ETO's Senior Instructional Technologist, Anna Limanni, has designed a thoughtful and flexible resource to help you design a partially or completely online/remote course.

What is different about this module series?

You sign up for the series and then, on your own time, with scheduled check-ins as preferred (you'll be the driver of your own experience for this series), you'll go from zero Quercus course to hero Quercus course (all in time for the first day of class). That's right; our goal is that at the end of the four modules, you'll have built your Quercus course! The modules include downloadable templates to help get you building quickly.

How will the module series work?

Start Strong will be hosted on Quercus (asynchronously) and Teams (synchronously) and will include synchronous and asynchronous components focused on the following 4 themes (one module per theme): 

  • Planning and preparing to teach your course: options for combining asynchronous and synchronous modalities  
  • Building and organizing your course: fundamental design elements, adapting a Quercus course template, and content creation (video content, modules & pages)  
  • Assessment design: assessment options, feedback strategies, and supporting Academic Integrity    
  • Engaging students: communication & support strategies, community-building, and active learning techniques

Who is this series for?

We're happy to make this resource available to anyone who is interested in it. However, if you are from outside FASE, we recommend that you check in with your local divisional EdTech Office (they likely have some great stuff going on, too) or with CTSI's Teaching Online/Remotely programming. There are a lot of resources to help you teach online; ours is geared towards self-starters who want to enhance what they are already doing. These modules focus on how to use educational technology effectively and efficiently to support your remote/online teaching goals.

How do I get going?

You might be noticing a lack of links to the literal module resource (read: Quercus course)! Bear with us! This is a brand new support resource for the EdTech Office and the modules are scheduled to be released starting the last week of July 2021. If you're interested in participating and would like more information as soon as it is released, sign up to participate in the Start Strong series