What are your thoughts on online grading tools?

Submit your feedback on requirements for an online grading tool (think solutions like Crowdmark or Gradescope).


What are your thoughts on collaborative annotation?

Submit your feedback on requirements for a collaborative annotation tool!


Calling Discussion Board/Q&A tool users!

Do you use a discussion board (e.g. Quercus Discussion Board, ED, Piazza) in your course?


Virtual Labs: Labster Under the Lens

Session Details

Teaching concepts online without hands-on experimentation can be challenging. However, Labster can offer an online alternative with their virtual lab simulations. This session features instructors who have used Labster in their courses, their experiences, and their students' perceptions on the virtual lab platform.


Crowdmark available Faculty-wide!

Crowdmark has been officially licensed across the Faculty for the current academic year.


PeerScholar: An Introduction to Peer Review (with a Student Perspective)

Considering activity and assessment options for your course? Find out what students think about PeerScholar and peer assessment as a learning tool!