What are your thoughts on online grading tools?

Submit your feedback on requirements for an online grading tool (think solutions like Crowdmark or Gradescope).

The University is working towards an RFP process for an online grading tool for the Academic Toolbox. Previous tools of this type that have been used are Crowdmark (currently licensed at FASE) and Gradescope (a newer tool popular especially in Math courses). This process collects your thoughts and feedback on what the key features for this type of tool should be. 

How to submit feedback

Members of the University of Toronto community are invited to provide feedback on these online grading tool draft requirements by sending their comments via email (included on the draft requirements document). If your feedback pertains to a specific item below, please reference the item number. At FASE, we've set up a form to help consolidate and prioritize feedback.

You can submit via the FASE Online Grading Tool Draft Requirements Feedback FormThe form includes a link to the current requirements document (Draft) and solicits your feedback on:

  1. Are these the appropriate requirements?
  2. Are there more requirements?

We are working on a pretty tight timeline (responses are due by end of day on Tuesday, April 05, 2022. This form will help us consolidate any feedback received and we'll send one response to ACT (on behalf of FASE). If you have already submitted feedback (many faculty using this type of tool were contacted directly, please do not resubmit it via this form. You're done!)

What is an online grading tool?

Commonly, the purpose of these tools is to provide a platform for grading (versus taking the assessment) and are especially well suited for large courses with teaching teams. A typical workflow would be for students to write an exam (on paper or submitted digitally, in the required format of the platform) and then for the exam to be scanned into the system for marking. You could then assign marking by question, share feedback shotcuts, and annotate on the digital version of the exam. The tools often do more than this, but this is a frequent use case. 


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