Calling Discussion Board/Q&A tool users!

Do you use a discussion board (e.g. Quercus Discussion Board, ED, Piazza) in your course? Or maybe you're thinking you might? UofT is currently in a procurement process to select the instutional discussion board/Question and Answer (Q&A) tool that will be licensed by the University. ACT, the group running the procurement process, are looking for your thoughts and feedback.

Where is Piazza?

You might notice that Piazza is not listed below - this is not because the tool has been excluded, but because they did their vendor demonstrations in the fall of 2021. The below is for upcoming demonstrations.

Please see the below Memo:

Academic and Collaborative Technologies (ACT) are in the midst of a procurement process to select a STEM-focused discussion board / QA system.

Tuesday Feb. 15 – 11:00 Eastern – MENT (session option 1) https://ctsi.eve.utoronto.ca/home/events/2320

Tuesday Feb. 15 – 15:00 (3:00 pm) Eastern – MENT (session option 2) https://ctsi.eve.utoronto.ca/home/events/2321

Wednesday Feb. 16 – 11:00 Eastern – HARMONIZE (session option 1) https://ctsi.eve.utoronto.ca/home/events/2322

Thursday Feb. 17 – 10:00 Eastern – ED (session option 1) https://ctsi.eve.utoronto.ca/home/events/2324

Thursday Feb. 17 – 16:00 (4:00 pm) Eastern – ED (session option 2) https://ctsi.eve.utoronto.ca/home/events/2325

Thursday Feb. 24 - 14:00 (2:00 pm) Eastern – HARMONIZE (session option 2) https://ctsi.eve.utoronto.ca/home/events/2323

Academic & Collaborative Technologies Group, Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation and Information Technology Services (Office of the CIO), The University of Toronto

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