Meet the 2022 ETO Co-op Students!

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We'd like to welcome Karththigan and Prianka to the ETO Team! They'll be joining us for their summer 2022 co-op term and will be assisting with media production, Quercus course reviews, and writing a blog post here or there. If you are thinking about starting (or stopping) something you've implemented, they are also available to provide their perspective on a digital aspect of your course. 

Prianka Murthy

Education: Prianka is an Industrial Engineering student going into her third year, with an interest in pursuing a career related to strategy and/or project management. She also has a strong interest in Human Factors, which was partially her motivation for choosing to go into Industrial Engineering. 

Hobbies: Prianka enjoys hiking, spending time outdoors, and exploring new places. She’ll occasionally venture out to do something very adventurous, like doing the CN Tower EdgeWalk last year!

Experience: Last summer, Prianka interned at CPP Investments and learned about the world of quantitative finance. She is currently involved in a research project with Engineers Without Borders UofT and likes to get involved with youth-focused volunteer and extracurricular opportunities. 

Summer Goals: This summer, Prianka is excited to take part in projects supporting the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering, learning more about education technology and delivery of courses in the process.

Karththigan Pushparaj

Education: Karththigan is a Materials Engineering student who will be going into his third year this fall. Despite his engineering discipline, he has always enjoyed the life sciences and is pursuing this interest by minoring in bioengineering and specializing in biomaterials. After finishing his degree, Karththigan hopes to become involved in the field of biotechnology. 

Hobbies: Whenever he’s not at his desk, you can find Karththigan baking in the kitchen, exploring new bike trails, and learning new pieces on the piano. He's also an avid coin collector!

Experience: Over the past few years, Karththigan has gained personal experience in teaching and education. In high school, he tutored and was an academic summer camp volunteer at his elementary school. He also shared his passion for science by volunteering for Pueblo Science, a science outreach organization that promotes science literacy around the world. 

Summer Goals: This summer, Karththigan hopes to learn as much as possible about the world of education technology. His main goal for this summer is have an impactful contribution to a project at the EdTech Office that will truly enhance the learning experience of students at UofT. 

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