Last call for Winter 2024 Lecture Capture Program!

Are you interested in recording your teaching activity for the Winter 2024 term? We outline several methods available to you, as well as the FASE Lecture Capture Program (which is geared towards instructors who use non-digital teaching methods and/or who are not teaching in an LSM classroom space).  

Last Call!

This is your last chance to participate in the Winter 2024 Lecture Capture Program. Please submit this webform to express interest in joining the program (closing Friday, December 01, 2023 at 5:00 PM EST).  


Is my course eligble for the program?

The FASE Lecture Capture Program is designed to support instructors who want to record their course but teach with non-digital methods (in or out of an LSM classroom space).  This program has limited availability and we prioritize larger classes. 

To help determine if your course is eligble, the flow chart below asks you:

  1. Do you primarily teach using digital projection (e.g., slide deck, tablet writing)?
  2. Are you teaching in an LSM classroom? (Use the LSM Instructor Look up to find out)
  3. Do you have someone to help with filming (e.g., a teaching assistant)?
  4. Do you use your own laptop?

Use the flow chart (or read the scenerios below it) to decide which solution works best for you:

Here are four lecture capture solutions:

  1. Scenario 01: If you teach in an LSM-classroom (with full teaching podium) and use digital projection, use the built-in lecture capture solution OpenCast (OCCS).
  2. Scenario 02: If your assigned classroom does not have OCCS, and you have someone to help you film, we'd recommend assisted self-recording (with phone and USB mic).
  3. Scenario 03: If your assigned classroom does not have OCCS and you do NOT have someone to help you, we'd recommend self-capture using SnagIt (or other screen capture software, as you prefer).
  4. Scenario 04: If you teach primarily using non-digital teaching modalities and/or one of the other solutions does not work for you, consider joining the FASE Lecture Capture Program.

You might also be interested in our guide that compares all the different lecture capture options including OpenCast (OCCS), self-capture via webinar tool, and self-recording (e.g., using a cellphone).

What is the last day that I can join the Lecture Capture Program?

If you fall into scenario 04, the deadline to submit your form is Friday, December 01 at 5:00 PM EST.

When will I know if I've been accepted?

The call for participation closes on Friday, December 01.  The following week, we'll look at any requests and let you know whether your course will be captured.  If we can't capture it as part of the lecture capture program, we'll provide some possible solutions for capturing your needs.

Participating for the first time? 

We recommend you read  frequently asked questions regarding the Lecture Capture Program including a checklist to complete before your first class, how to prepare your students (including sample text to include on your syllabus), and how long the recordings are kept for.

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