Faculty Question of the Week

"How can I set up a recurring Zoom meeting with more than 20 occurrences?"


Faculty Question of the Week

"How can I set all of the Zoom Cloud recordings I share via the Quercus integration to publish automatically?"


Last call for Winter 2024 Lecture Capture Program!

Are you interested in recording your teaching activity for the Winter 2024 term? The FASE Lecture Capture Program is geared towards instructors who use non-digital teaching methods and/or who are not teaching in an LSM classroom space.  


Call for Fall 2023/Winter 2024 Lecture Capture Program!

Are you interested in recording your teaching activity for Fall 2023/Winter 2024? The FASE Lecture Capture Program is designed to support instructors teaching with non-digital methods (in or out of a LSM classroom space).


Faculty Question of the Week

"How can I share Opencast (OCCS) recordings with individual students?"


Last Call for Winter 2023 Lecture Capture Program!

Last Call!

This is your last chance to request to participate in the Winter 2023 Lecture Capture program. Please submit this webform to express interest in joining the program (closing Friday, December 09, 2022 at 5:00 pm). The ETO team will schedule for as many courses as possible, as determined by scheduling limitations.


EdTech Tip Sheet: August 2022

In this Issue: Quercus Start of Term Checklist | Make your own Meet your Instructor Video


EdTech Tip Sheet: July 2022

In this Issue: Crowdmark Results | Call for Lecture Capture | Quercus Start Strong


Call for 2022/2023 Lecture Capture Program!

Every summer, the ETO calls for instructors interested in participating in the lecture capture program.


Recording your in-person teaching

You might be wondering how you can self-capture (record) your own teaching activities (perhaps relevant to accommodate students who miss a class). Proactively figuring out how - and practicing! - how you'll do this will serve both you and your students well in these times of uncertainty. While there are a lot of really great reasons why lecture (activity? it's more than just lecture capture, of course!) capture supports students, right now, it helps to reduce stress as we resume on-campus learning.