8 Comparison Tables of Available Teaching Technologies

With a variety of online teaching tools available for use, deciding which to use can be a conflicting proccess. By collaborating with professors and instructors and experience with these tools, the Education Technology Office has created an array of comparison tables ranging from a table outlining in-person assessments and their online equivalent to a table explaining video production formats and their strengths and weaknesses. These comparison tables can be found in our technical help guides resource page, but you can quickly navigate to them through here.


Subjects: PowerPoint, QuickTime Player, TechSmith Snagit, TechSmith Camtasia 
Attributes: Tool in Brief, Editing Capabilities, Cost, Ideal for, Not ideal for, Set-up Effort, Difficulty to Learn, Supported File Formats, Webcam Recording, Microsoft Teams Integration, Compatible Platforms.

Summary of Video Recording and Editing Softwares

Subjects: Lightboard, Chalkboard 
Attributes: General Lecture Style 

Comparison Table of Lightboard vs ChalkBoard

Subjects: Tablet Animation, Motion Graphics with Voice Over, Document Camera, PowerPoint with Voice Over, Chalkboard (with graphics or without), etc.
Attributes: Video Length vs Production Time Ratio, Instructor vs ETO Effort Ratio, Required Technical Skill from Instructor, Lead Time Required for Post Production, Student Satisfaction 

Comparison Table of Video Production Formats

Subjects: Synchronous, Asynchronous lectures 
Attributes: Recommended Tool from Quercus Academic Toolbox
Comparison Table Syncrohonous VS Asynchronous
Subjects: In-Person Assessments, Online Assessments 
Attributes: Participation in Seminars, Discussions, Class, Student Presentations, Logbook, Traditional Final Exam, Lab Work, Poster Presentations,
Comparison table of In-person and remote assessments
Subjects: Quercus Quizzes, Quercus Assignments, Crowdmark Assessments  
Attributes: Ideal for, Not Ideal for, Student View of Interface, Means for Student Access, Measures for academic integrity, Live Assessment Moderation, SpeedGrader Integration, Randomize Questions, Pricing, etc. 
Comparison Table of Assessment Tools
Subjects: BB Collaborate, Teams Meetings, Zoom, MS Live, etc.
Attributes: Ideal for, Considerations, How to Access, Quercus IntegrationRoles,  etc. 
Comparison Table of Webinar Tools
Subjects: Discourse, Microsoft Form, iClicker, Kahoot!, Mentimeter, Piazza, Slack, etc.
Attributes: Type, Cost, Start Up Effort, Analytics Export, Integrated with Quercus, Support Model, Guest Access, Pass UofT Security Audit
Comparison Table of Backchanneling Tools and Techniques


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