Lessons from your colleagues: Fabian's "Engage!" webinar

Worried about online student engagement? This is the session for you! Discussing strategies for both synchronous and asynchronous teaching, there is something to learn for everyone!

About the session leader: Fabian Parsch

Professor Fabian Parsch is an Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream, cross-appointed to the Department of Mathematics and Material Science Engineering. He coordinates three engineering math courses with class sizes ranging from 30 to 900 students. Based on student feedback, he discovered (and is sharing) methods for successful student engagement. 

Event: June 25th 2020, 3-4 PM

Missed the session?

No worries, you can watch the session here.

Establishing an online community

Buildling a community will allow students to learn as a group, instead of as individuals. This increases their investments into learning, and therefore increases engagement.

  • Students are more engaged to personalized content.

enlightened Try: Start with recording a personal introduction, and integrate your face and personality with your asynchronous lectures.

  • Students can learn more effectively as a group.

enlightened Try: Assign your students into regular groups. Incorporate breakout room activities in your synchronous lecture.

See also: Building a Community

Structuring your course

When a course is well-structured and well-communicated, students can establish routines and form study habits. Structure increases commitment and therefore engagement.

  • Students learn and plan their learning more effectively when they know what's coming ahead.

enlightened Try: Chunk your content into modules and post a learning outline.

Marketing your course

Marketing may sound like a weird term in education, but the marketing of your course actually relates to student engagement levels! Good marketing leads to course identification, thereby increasing student engagement.

  • Wiedererkennungseffekt* is powerful.

enlightened Try: Add the same video intro to asynchronous contents. Add a jingle while you're at it too!

*German for the effect of recognizingn something again based on recurring theme.

  • Different terms have different connotations to students. Market course content to make students more comfortable.

enlightened Try: Rebrand your office hours into Online Tea Time! Seriously, you can have fun with names here. 


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