What's new in Crowdmark for Fall 2023?

Learn about Crowdmark updates for Fall 2023 Term.

The Crowdmark license has been renewed for the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering for the 2023-2024 Academic year. Learn how to connect your Quercus courses for the new term and read this blog post to find out what's new in Crowdmark.

Just in time for the new academic year, Crowdmark has released two big upgrades:

  1. Improved assessment set-up process
  2. Updated interface for student tables
  3. Where can you learn more about these changes to Crowdmark?

In this blog post we offer you an overview about of the improvements, along with additional resources that you can explore to learn more about each upgrade.

Improved assessment set-up process

As of July 5, 2023, Crowdmark released a mandatory upgrade for their assessment set-up process.

What's changed?

The update includes the following interface changes:
  • Step-by-step navigation to guide users from start to finish
  • New dedicated course and assessment settings pages
  • Improved scheduling and timing settings
  • Improved management of student and team rosters

What does this mean for your courses in Crowdmark?

  • All courses were automatically switched over to the new and improved assessment set-up workflow - you don't need to make any changes on your end.
  • There are no changes to the way students access or interact with Crowdmark.

Updated interface for student tables

Crowdmark has recently released some improvements to managing students in Crowdmark. The updated student tables are customizeable and full of helpful information to manage the students in your course. See the new student table interface in the picture below.


What’s changed?

  • Find any student in seconds by using the integrated search bar
  • Use filters to find groups of students with something in common (e.g. email status, submission status, or accommodations)
  • Track student progress throughout the assessment lifecycle
  • Check accommodations directly from the student table
  • Verify a student submission attempt
  • Toggle columns on or off based on your preferences or needs

Where can you learn more about these changes to Crowdmark?

  1. Review our updated guides.

We have revised our Crowdmark guides and incorporated the changes to help you become familiar with the updated interface and its features:

  1. Attend a Crowdmark training webinar
In their training webinars this Fall 2023, Crowdmark will share best practices and highlight new features in Crowdmark to help you stay organized, grade more efficiently, and improve the quality of your feedback for students. Use the links below to register to attend:
  1. Attend Crowdmark's Tooltip Tuesdays
Learn about a different feature or workflow to maximize your Crowdmark usage in the Tuesday Tooltip sessions. Use the link below to register:  

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