July 11, 2019

This week: New ACT Toolbox Status Website & How to Request a New Microsoft Team

In this Weekly Update:

  1. ACT Toolbox Website Launch
  2. Turnitin Maintenance
  3. This Week's Faculty Question: How can I create a new Microsoft Team?

Website Launch! New ACT Toolbox Status Page

The Academic and Collaborative Technology (ACT) Group has launced a new website that has the goal to make Quercus Integration progress more transparent. 

Pages of interest are:

  1. Submit Ideas - In order to properly assess a third-party program, requestors need to provide some initial information. During this step, the requestor will provide a brief description of the integration, an overview of its academic value, and contact information for the vendor. Requesters can use this form to submit their idea, however, it is strongly recommended that requesters first check with their divisional educational technology specialist listed here to discuss their idea – it is quite possible that alternative tool already exists that supports the underlying pedagogical objective.
  2. View Ideas - When ideas and suggestions are received, they are published out to the community on this page. Ideas are discussed in a number of standing forums, such as the Toolbox End-user Support Team (TEST), the Academic Technology Reference Group (ATRG), and the Teaching, Learning & Technology Advisory Committee (TLTAC). On a quarterly basis, using the Toolbox Decision, ideas are prioritized, and recommendations are made to the Executive Steering Committee for Quercus and Academic Technology, who adjudicate and approve a set of projects for the coming quarter. If an idea becomes a project, it will move from this page to the Projects page (see tab above).
  3. Current Projects - New and Third-party teaching tools extend the functionality of the University of Toronto’s Academic Toolbox – Quercus. They add new capabilities to the system, including access to external course content, additional grading or assignment capabilities, or news ways to interact with and between students. In order to integrate these new tools and alternate “apps” at UofT, the tools first need to go through a formal process including approval by the executive steering committee. The following ideas have been approved as projects.

Upcoming Maintenance: Turnitin

Incident Status Service Disruption 
Date July 13, 2019
Maintenance Window 11:00AM-7:00PM (ET)
Category Maintenance
Info Turnitin will undergo scheduled maintenance to fix bug related to Turnitin automatically turning off when user publishes Assignment.

This Week's Faculty Question

Category Microsoft Office 365

Question: How do I create a new Microsoft Team?

Answer: Faculty and staff cannot create new Microsoft Teams. To request a new Team, send your request to:


Please include:

  • Team Name - Once a Team is created, the URL name is permanent and cannot be changed.
  • Owners Names and Email Addresses - A team should have two designated owners.
You should hear a response to your request within 7 university business days. Team creation is handled by a central group and is not done within the Education Technology Office nor within Engineering as a Faculty.
For full details and documentation, see "How do I request a Microsoft Team?"

Have a Quercus question? Please contact FASE's EdTech Office.

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