July 18, 2019

This week:  Upcoming Quercus maintenance on July 26 & How to change your role in a course

In this Weekly Update:

  1. Upcoming Quercus Maintenance
  2. This Week's Faculty Question: How can I request to change my role in a course?

Upcoming Quercus Maintenance

Incident Status Partial Service Disruption 
Date July 26, 2019
Maintenance Window 12:00AM-6:00 AM (ET)
Category Maintenance
Info This maintenance event will affect the ability to upload new media and subtitles to Quercus. During this time, users will continue to be able to access previously uploaded videos and captions.

This Week's Faculty Question

Category Course Roles

Question: How do I change my status on one of the courses on Quercus? I am listed as a student when I am the coordinator of the tutoring program. I wish to change that.

Answer: It does happen that sometimes you are enrolled in a course with an incorrect status. Quercus pulls data from ROSI, which means that usually to fix this issue, something needs to be changed in that system. The Education Technology Office does not have administrative access to ROSI, so please choose one of these solutions to resolve your role issue (depending on the nature of your case):

  1. Contact your departmental ROSI Administrator: If you are a course co-ordinator, this is a role that can (and should!) be specified is ROSI. If it's a less formal distinction, then options 2 and 3 might be better for you.
  2. Contact the course Instructor: They can change your role to that of a TA (but not to instructor - that role has to be done through ROSI). TAs have all the same permissions as instructors, so this might do the trick. 
  3. Contact the course instructor and have them CC us (edtech@ecf.uotoronto.ca) on an email granting permission for your role to be changed: if permission is received from the Instructor,we can change your role to that of a TA (but again, not instructor). 

To find your Departmental ROSI Administrator, please see "Who is my departmental ROSI Contact?"

Have a Quercus question? Please contact FASE's EdTech Office.

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